Return To Nature

We take much pleasure in this view...The gateway to our plot.

Yesterday we had a lazy day, after a few days of being on hand 24 hours a day supporting a client.

We have spent time looking at the garden and thinking about our plans for the little caravan, which was originally used (by the previous dwellers) as guest accommodation. 
We would like to eventually wood-clad it and use as a potting shed, freeing up the workshop for other things and as the farm has a hostel and camping field, any folks wishing to stay have those options instead of this little caravan, but we would highly recommend a visit because it really is a lovely place to be.
Have a little look at Holifield Hostel 
It was built by the community using reclaimed wood from Falmouth Docks and we believe it's going to become a very popular holiday destination, especially as it's already getting booked for the summer!
If you are planning a trip to Cornwall - come and see will of course not only be immersed in beautiful nature, but you will meet some lovely and inspirational people here on the farm too. 

It is definitely the time to learn about alternative living and community life.
Think about what is really important - is it to maintain a position to constantly consume, surrounding yourself with stuff and live far away from the countryside?
Or are experiences and connection with people, animals, wildlife and nature what your heart is desiring?

Do you crave money or simplicity? 

More and more folks are re-imagining their lives, following their hearts and finding new ways to live.
Making these changes can be empowering - taking control and being prepared for whatever comes along...

Our next step here is to go off grid; to rely on solar and wind power and be responsible for and think about our energy usage. 
The added bonus of this is when the predicted power cuts occur - we will continue as usual.
We already use very little electricity - we have a small fridge (no freezer compartment), an electric grinder for seeds and dried herbs, a food processor, Nutribullet and hand blender (all used rarely), then there are our lightbulbs (mainly 1w LEDs) and we have several things which require charging.

We also need to think of a way to live without gas, as we use gas cylinders (propane) for cooking and heating the bath water. In the winter we use the wood burner to boil water and cook one pot meals, but as it gets warmer and we don't need the fire in - what are the alternatives?

Anyway, the kitties are happy we are home, although they did get to hang out with our youngest kidlets...Hugo and Jess live on the farm too, which is so lovely for us and although we are neighbours - we are respectful of each others privacy and continue with our own lives.

Tik and Toobs

How on earth did Flea end up being Toobs?
Flea - Fleaby - Fleabs - Floobs - Floober Toobs - Toobs!

We've been catching up on our sleep...
Friday night we slept for 12 hours, last night another 11 hours and today - we are feeling more alert, relaxed and happy!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.

Love Kay and Sime xx  


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