Wonderfully Wild

 Holidaymakers are swarming down to Cornwall, so we are enjoying a couple of days being homebased and it's finally warm and dry... instead of the cold, wet and windy weather we have had over the last weeks or is it months?

We have much to do in the garden jungle, and after being crazily busy for what seems like forever - we were dreaming of spending some quality time at home with the kitties, pottering about outside...and now we have exactly what we have been craving.

Yesterday we visited our local farm shop and for the first time we bought some Green Wheat Freekeh from Palestinian company Zaytoun  and we love it!

We cooked up some spicy veggies and added the soaked Freekeh at the end and served on a bed of salad and topped with chopped coriander.

We have also been experimenting and decided to have a go at making our own version of a vegan frittata using silken tofu and buckwheat - it was delicious!

We'll make it again and share the recipe soon.

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a little treat...
Second breakfast from vegan takeaway Sloth and Sparrow in Falmouth.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Lots of love,
Kay and Sime xx



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