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Bringing Joy Into Our Lives


We seem to have quite a few pet sitting assignments lined up this year and we are very happy about it.
We feel incredibly honoured to be paid to do something that is so enjoyable and adore spending time with such lovely furries.
It's a pleasurable way of living for us and such a simple way of life...walking, cooking, eating, taking care of various pets, reading and sleeping. 
A nice change from our sometimes crazy work schedule at home (well, crazy for us) we just can't help getting involved with folks in need of support, but what we really should be doing is taking care of ourselves too. House and pet sitting means we can take things easy, no rushing around and it is truly wonderful; basically a paid holiday!

We are currently in very hot Hampshire, arriving 10 days ago totally unprepared with more food than clothing - pretty normal for us...which means we've already had to buy shorts and now an elderly neighbour has offered for us to cool off in her pool, which leaves us with the dilemma of do we also purchase swimming gear? Bearing in mind that we already own perfectly functional swimwear, but it is unfortunately around 300 miles away and adding in the fact that we live in a small cabin with little room for extras. Do we just skinny dip? It's over 30C here, so having a swim is extremely tempting! 

We are glad to be near some lovely woodland walks, which are great for getting away from the heat. Though we have come across a couple of overgrown and impassable public footpaths, which is a real shame - people don't seem to walk much around here, instead they drive to popular country parks and usually at mega speeds too! It is a very different world to Cornwall, with most folks living in the fast lane - big, expensive houses and multiple cars sitting in their driveways. No doubt, commuting to London and working long hours at their "important" jobs. These vast properties in large plots of land are probably standing empty for most of the week and it makes us wonder what is the point? How can these folks get any enjoyment from their homes when they are rarely there? Would some of them love to walk away from their lives and do something completely different? Do they feel under pressure to keep up with their lifestyle? 

We really don't get it - funny how a way of life can seem ordinary to some and almost repulsive to others. We're sure they would feel the same way about us...we see the occasional disapproving looks at our scruffiness, which just makes us laugh! We are proud of getting over 20 or 30 years out of some our clothes, to patch up the rips and carry on until they can no longer be repaired. We have no desire to be fashionable and often think people have been duped into believing that the way they dress is important. Maybe it brings them much joy, but at what cost? 

Anyway, here we are...just a couple of scruffy, sweaty bums - happily so!

 Lots of love,

Kay and Sime


Cathy J said…
I love (and share) your philosophy! In your place I'd go with the skinny dipping, but warn the owner first, won't you??
Thank you Cathy! We've already had the conversation and she's happy for us to skinny dip! :D :D
Kath said…
You both look exceptionally well and happy. Enjoy the pool! Just swim in your vest and pants, like we did PE back in the day 🤣
Thank you Kath! Good idea! :D xx

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