Slow Travel

We have always enjoyed road trips and you only have to search through our blog to find many posts featuring our trips. We like this independent, laid-back way of travelling. Staying away from the main routes and instead, exploring the quiet roads away from the traffic. On the rare occasions we have been stuck in hold-ups; we remain calm, go with the flow and if possible just look for an alternative way.

Holidays for us start as soon as we exit the door to our home and not when we arrive at our destination. Travelling is very much part of the whole experience and we'll either pack a picnic for the journey or pick up food once we're on the road...sometimes even both! No hard or fast rules, just making decisions as we go and doing what we feel.

Slow travel is quite wonderful, setting off early and seeing what happens. There are always opportunities presenting themselves - intriguing places we may come across on the way and the people and animals we meet. Leaving our plans open means that we can be flexible and it really is such a nice relaxing way to travel. No timetables to follow, just the freedom of the road and the adventures waiting to happen.

If you have followed our blog for some time, you will know that we are very good at manifesting the things we desire - like our French house, our Cornish cabin, our business, the house and pet sitting, living in a community, our Canadian trip, etc, etc. Big road trips for us very often start out in the same way; a small sentence in our little manifesting notebook. During our stay in Hampshire, we have discussed in more detail our plans for a new campervan. We have had several over the years and we knew that eventually we would have one again, so here we are - ready and busy visualising our dream van... A new campervan with rustic interior. A fixed bed at the back with storage space/garage underneath. Kitchen with a hob, oven, sink, fridge and a decent amount of work surfaces to allow us to cook together. A small dining area and shower room with a fancy new compost toilet. We also want solar panels, so we can be off-grid. We do already have pictures on our cabin wall of some campervans we like, but now we are going to put our ideas out there, attracting the perfect van for us and bringing it into our lives.

We have done this kind of manifesting many times and our wooden cabin actually came to us in just 2 weeks. We dreamed it up, then we both drew a picture in our notebook and BOOM! There it was! We didn't have the money, but we said yes - we want it! We made a decision and went for it and the money came to us. Three months later, we were living in our dream home on a lovely community! 
We don't focus on the financial side or concern ourselves with how it will come to us, instead we are just content and secure in the knowledge that whatever we desire will be on it's way. 

So watch this space!!!

Lots of love,
Kay and Sime 


Anonymous said…
I have no doubt your dream will come to you. Can't wait to see it!then you'll be "wandering hill Billies", the envy of all who know you (and wouldn't that make a grand name for a skiffle band!) Xxx