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Unwelcome Visitors

Yesterday was one of those days...
A day of hard, physical work - cleaning up a house that was filthy after a week's holiday.
The guests left seven bin liners worth of rubbish, some in the outside dustbins, some in the house & some all over the garden... They had left some bags outside & the seagulls enjoyed a feast!
It took us three hours between us to clean up the mess & bag it all up - that's before we even started to clean the house... 
At 7pm last night, we gave up & came home!
These dirty scumbags left the house in a terrible state & on seeing it - I just wanted to walk back out, but Sime persuaded me to stay & between us we have nearly restored the house & by the end of the weekend - it'll be ready for the next lot...

It still amazes me that people don't care about anything other than themselves, they don't recycle, they don't think about all the junk they buy & it doesn't bother them that they are throwing good food away - just because it won't fit in the car. 
I always find it shocking that others do things so differently to us...
We are so particular about the amount of rubbish we put out each week, we recycle everything that we can & we try to buy as little unnecessary packaging as possible...

We even recycle our washing up water.
When we're away - we continue to think about all these things & try to live as carefully as we can, but most of all - we consider other people!
We leave our holiday accommodation clean & tidy, we strip the beds & fold the linen & towels. We wipe around, remove our rubbish & recycling - don't most people?

As much as I love doing what we do - I'd prefer to be doing something I really love...
At this moment it is travel for me, in fact I'm becoming obsessed with finding somewhere to go.
I just love being on the road & if it wasn't for Sime - I'd definitely be a new age traveller. I'd have a rainbow van with a wood burning stove, spend Summers touring festivals & then drive south for the Winter!
I don't want the responsibility of a house & all it's trappings - well I don't mind a little house that's cheap to run or a place that can be left for a while, but I've got itchy feet. Holidays do curb this feeling, they help to satisfy my wanderlust, so I will find a place that all 3 of us will be happy with & then perhaps I will settle again for a while...

I do love living here - I love Cornwall & our little hamlet, I love being at home, pottering around, cooking & baking. 

Just wished there was more time for the nice stuff...

Time to watch the birds & the sun coming up & down...

Time for watching the sky...

And more time in bed!

I am wake & it's time to start another day... 

I am happy about cleaning 4 properties today - really I am!

Have a good weekend!

Kay :)

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