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Beautiful Day...

The title actually comes from the fact that Sime & his band have been repeatedly playing this song for the last hour or so & it's now in my head & no doubt will be for the next few days! It may be Valentine's Day, but when there's a gig coming up - the band come first... But I don't mind, as we don't really celebrate commercial days anyway. Why should we follow the herd & spend huge amounts of money on cards & gifts? Isn't it much nicer for romance to be spontaneous? I think so.
We've had 2 days off work, so that's been good & today - we have started following Andrew Weil's: 
 8 Weeks to Optimum Health,  to get us back on track after eating far too much dairy in France!

Part of the programme is walking each day, the first week is supposed to be for 5 minutes, building up to 45  by the 8th week. We did more, but the weather was good today.

This is the view, just a few minutes down our lane...

It was funny, because normally we walk all the way down to the beach, but not every day. The idea is to build up the routine of walking into your day, which we haven't done since we left our previous house - where we looked after our landlord's dogs.

We are also supposed to introduce supplements into our diet, Vitamin C during the first week - we've chosen to use ground Rose Hips. We're also taking Hemp Oil, which is fantastic for the skin & should make sure we eat linseeds & organic broccoli twice a week (which we already do anyway). We intend to be vegan for the next 8 weeks & possibly beyond. 
It's just good to remind ourselves that our bodies need taking care of & that can sometimes mean hard work, but it's worth it. The last 3 Summers, have seen us practically burnt out with our business, but it's not going to happen again!

Being at home means lots of time to cook & there's nothing like a plateful of green mush!
I don't think we'd win any awards for presentation, but it tasted great.
Although you probably can't tell - it's a tofu & vegetable crumble, with green split peas & steamed beetroot. 

The French don't know what they're missing! 

Kay :)


just Gai said…
I wish I had such a stunning view just round the corner from my front door. You are very lucky, but I'm sure you've already realised that.
Pattypan said…
I am very envious I love Cornwall and Devon have had many happy holidays down there at Otterham and roundabouts. First got the bug when I was eleven years of age when first visited- never quite been the same since. Enjoy.

I walk everywhere as I seem to have this c food and eat diet which makes me put on a lot of weight, but when I started walking I lost over 2 stone in a few months, then it levelled out. Could really do with losing some more. I haven't tried it but Fennel Tea is meant to be good when people are trying to lose Weight. Apparently the Romans used to drink this in an effort to shed weight. Full of useless information me.

What type of music does Sime's band play?

Take care


Anonymous said…
Other than giving the kids a couple of chocolate treats, Valentine's Day is not a big deal here. The kids decided to boycott it and wore black to school today. So young and yet, so cynical.
Just Gai - Having spent most of our lives in an industrial Northern town/city, we know we're lucky to live here & never stop appreciating it!

Pattypan - We do drink lots of herbal teas & fennel has been one of our favourites for years, it's actually really good for indigestion. I did a nutritional therapy course some years ago & the best weight loss advice is to cut out dairy & cut down on wheat. I've been suffering with quite a bit of joint pain since my thyroid has got better - which I think is due to having too much dairy...
Sime's band play all sorts of covers - The Who, U2, Sterophonics, classic rock/pop type stuff!

Mel - Brilliant, hope the kids enjoyed themselves!

Kay :)
Karin said…
It was lovely weather wasn't it. I spent several hours in the garden so the only walk I got was up and down the garden, but that would have counted as five minutes. It would do me good to build a regular walk into my day, it's a bit haphazard at the moment.

My son and his girlfriend decided to go vegan the other week, but it wasn't too difficult to feed them. Lentil soup was something I've eaten on a fairly regular basis since childhood and I made my own bread with olive oil in for them, which was the first bread they'd eaten all week.

The French do seem fond of their meat, as do the Germans, but I did stay with a family once where the mother was vegetarian. It was when I was an au pair for a couple of months. I much preferred the veggie diet to eating meat twice a day with the second family I stayed with.