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High Impact Week

We have cleaned 12 properties in the last week & occasionally have worked into the evening.
We seem to have been out lots too & so we ended up shelving No Impact Week because we really didn't have time to think about it - let alone do it!

So as well as clean...

We visited St Ives Guildhall...

And saw Mark Thomas

Who was a brilliant storyteller...

We ran the home education meeting & fought off a church cafe - who had taken over our space during the Summer & who announced that the kids were no longer allowed to play in the music room.
The place is a teenage centre which we get to use during the day, we use it because it is perfect for teenagers - a fully equipped music studio in the attic, a kitchen - where we can support the kids to dish up some lunch & it also has a basement for chilling out in.
So a battle began... Sime & the kids decided to continue with their usual racket & yesterday, we heard that the church group want to swap their day - phew!

It's been a lovely time of catching up with friends & enjoying meals together - it seems such a long time since we last did it, so thank you - a delicious meal cooked by Jane, Simon, Madi & Biby - as wonderful as ever guys! You know we'll pay you back in the Winter...XXX
And a fab meal out with Lesley & Melvin in Fowey - we had a great night out & look forward to doing it again! XX

We also caught up with our friend Stuart O'Connor, who is a real-life troubadour, a lovely, lovely guy & we are all very fond of him.

This time he was touring Cornwall with a friend from Japan, Goga.

We're going on holiday in a few days time & at the same time, Rose & Asa will be moving out...

They have found a garden flat in Falmouth, so will be near to Sal & Ryan.

We are really pleased for them, but it is also sad too - our baby girl is leaving us & we will miss her terribly. We know from experience it will get easier in time & it's going to be lovely for the girls to be close again.

It's going to be strange returning home to an empty house, but we'll not think about that just yet...


Kay & Sime xx


Anonymous said…
It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun and working hard. Enjoy your vacation - you earned it!!
Catherine said…
Oh my stars... me thinks you work too hard my friend!!! I'm glad you are going on a holiday soon. You deserve it!!

xo Catherine
Pattypan said…
Glad you are okay was just about to send an email to make sure everything was okey cokey. Perhaps I should call you the "Gad abouts"! Glad you have been working hard but equally playing hard and I hope your holiday does you both the world of good. Just chill. You look a lot better in you photo and hope everything is going well with the meds. Just look after yourselves and enjoy you well earned break - catch up when you get back



Kath said…
Wow what busy folks you are! Have a wonderful relaxing holiday, you deserve it.
Thank you Mel, Catherine, Pattypan & Kath.

We're going to have a wonderful holiday - can't wait now!

1 more clean to go...

Kay :)