Natural Light

Nice People

Today was one of those rare occasions...
When one meets a stranger & instantly hits it off...
Well for us - 2 strangers, who are staying in an apartment we look after.

What lovely people.

One minute we are just asking if they are having a good week & the next thing we know...
We'd been sitting, chatting & laughing non-stop for a couple of hours, drinking tea, eating biscuits & cake!

A great way to break up our day & we finished off our work feeling rejuvenated.
I have a feeling that we will see these folks again & hopefully, we've persuaded them to come back - maybe even to live in Cornwall!

Sometimes a chance meeting like that can make a difference to peoples' lives...
It was good fun for us & we've ended the day on a high!

All the guests this week are lovely & it's an absolute pleasure doing this job when we feel appreciated!

Tired, but happy!

Kay & Sime xx


Anonymous said…
That is so wonderful. It certainly makes up for some of the jerks you have to deal with.