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Soggy Eden

We went along to Eden on Friday to renew our passes & due to our usual faffing about - we arrived just 3 minutes before the last entry time at 2pm... 
If we'd turned up just 1 minute late, we would have been refused, so we were lucky!

We just had an hour - so as it was a rare occasion. 
(Hugo was with us)

He chose to head down to the biomes... 

Taking a detour through the spiral garden... 

Over the ammonites... 

Around the back...

Past the recycled electrical appliance giant...

And into the cafe for some warming vegan grub...
 chocolate & kale chili, which only Sime liked.

 Red lentil & sweet potato soup with rocket & pepper salad.
It took ages for the staff to confirm what was vegan, but at least they had something...
While we were eating the biomes closed, so we didn't get a chance to visit this time - but at least we now have free entry for the next 12 months... 

Although we're still togged up - it's getting milder.
Is spring on it's way? Hope so...

Kay & Sime xx


Kath said…
I am longing to visit Eden. When we went to Port Isaac we thought about it, but couldn't leave the dogs for too long.
Your meals look very nice, but I think kale chilli followed by chocolate separately, might have been better LOL
I think it's time to lose a layer, maybe the woolly hats :-D
Unknown said…
It's great that you got your passes renewed.

What a faff in the cafe! I can't believe they haven't had Vegan customers before!

Great news that it's getting milder.

Noticed we've got crocus', snowdrops and primroses blooming in our cottage garden.

Sft x
Hotly Spiced said…
It looks very beautiful but also very cold! I'm sure Spring must be on its way. Just a few weeks to go!
Catherine said…
What a fun day you had! And look at that meal ~ yum!
Wishing you two a happy weekend!
xo Catherine
just Gai said…
Oh, I do envy your easy access to the Eden Project. I've been there twice, the first time in brilliant sunshine and the second in the rain. I preferred the sunshine but there's more than enough indoors to keep you entertained, even without a visit to the cafe.

I do love the idea of passes. They allow for frequent quick visits without the obligation to see everything every time.
Thank you everyone!

Kath - I agree chocolate just doesn't go in a savoury dish, we made a similar dish from one of our recipe books many years ago & none of us could eat it... Next time you visit Cornwall, we'll dog sit - it's nice borrowing dogs for a day & you'd love Eden!

SFT - They constantly change their menus at Eden, so I suppose the staff struggle to keep up, but they always have vegan & gluten free dishes available - which is unheard of in Cornwall!

Hotly Spiced - hello & yes it's definitely milder during the day!

Gai - We love it in all weathers, but it's great to know we can go along for £5 a year & they have some interesting exhibitions on too!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Kay :)
Leanne said…
its somewhere I really want to visit too, I really must maker it happen soon..

Leanne x
Hi Leanne,

It's quite expensive, but it's great because there's a lot to see!

Kay :)

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