The natural rhythm of life for humans and many other creatures we share this planet with - is to be busy during daylight hours and to sleep at night.

We think of sleep as recharging our batteries and it is when the nutrients in our body have a chance to replenish and our nerve cells regenerate.

If we don’t get enough sleep, then we will gradually become deficient and then sick as our body struggles to recuperate.

 By living simply and following nature’s lead – we should be waking at dawn, winding down again at twilight and going to sleep as soon as darkness falls, but instead most of us resist our natural rhythm and fill our evenings and nights with much stimulation...bright artificial lights, TVs, internet, gaming, music, processed food, alcohol and drugs.

We often hear people saying they don’t need much sleep, but are they a picture of health?

What about the folks who struggle to sleep? Or wake in the night for long periods?

Has our dependence on electricity caused us to disconnect from nature?

Is the answer to take pills to make you sleep? Or do you relax and go with the flow...If you stay up late, or get up in the night – then you will need to sleep longer in the morning; missing out on daylight hours.

Now is the time to embrace sleep, enjoy quiet, restful evenings as we go into these darker months and make the most of any good weather we have during the day. If you find yourself frustrated at not being able to sleep – Try turning off bright lights and devices in the evening, light some candles and wind down naturally.

We have written about our love of hibernating in the winter, we really do slow down and now here in the cabin, we are immersed in internet or TV, limited electricity, along with the peace and quiet of rural Cornwall.

We sleep very well - waking naturally at dawn and after spending the day working and getting any chores done, we light the wood stove and prepare supper. Our evenings are now spent quietly playing Scrabble or reading; sometimes we sit in front of the fire with the kitties... Sime strums his guitar, while Kay crochets. We write our gratitude list and retire; feeling very happy and grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that continue to come our way.

Night, night and sleep tight!


Lots of love, Kay and Sime (Flea and Tiky) xxxx


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