Where The Wind Blows


Six weeks have passed now since we moved into the cabin and we adore this little place.

We have experienced quite a lot of stormy weather, with huge amounts of rain and some very blustery nights. We have held our breath on a couple of occasions, half expecting the roof to be ripped off, but have been pleasantly surprised and will be ever grateful to Scot, who built this amazingly resilient house.

We also love our second-hand wood stove, which easily kicks in - warming the cabin, keeping our furry friends and us happy! We’ve even been through a little cold snap and while there was frost outside a couple of weeks ago – we were toasty and snug inside.

There is an abundance of birds around us and when the mornings are calm and mild, the birdsong is absolutely wonderful. We are situated at the top of a beautiful wooded valley, so the climate is almost rainforest-like. We see the sun rising and setting, the clouds forming and moving across the sky, the rain coming in and the mist rising down in the valley on chilly mornings. The autumnal colours of the leaves are stunning; so many shades of gold and red and it is such a joy to sit looking out with the kitties beside us. There is something to enjoy from every window, whether it’s the dense greenery at the back of the cabin or the garden and valley views.

It seems to have taken us a long time to get things done, to unpack all our stuff, as well as getting ourselves organised; finding our feet here at the community and exploring the local area, but there is no rush and we are grateful for the opportunity to creep and go.

We just have a few more bits to sort inside the cabin and then we’ll move on to fixing the roof of the workshop, which has a couple of leaks and we are both quite eager to get cracking in the garden...clearing the beds of weeds and covering them for the winter. 

We have already started making our compost and managed to clear the compost area last weekend, we hope to be producing enough for a bucket or two by spring. We like to keep it simple, just raw vegetable and fruit waste, tea leaves and coffee grounds, along with brown paper and cardboard.

This morning is dark, wet and windy again - we do seem to get very strong gusts here, but for now...we are safe, cosy and very happy.

Have a lovely week!

Kay and Sime xx


  1. Really enjoying your reports of life in the cabin. We look forward to seeing it all for ourselves in the Spring. In the meantime, stay safe and snug and give Mabel a hug from Aunty Kath x

  2. Aah thank you Kath! We'll be seeing Mabel on Thursday...may send you a photie! :D xx


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