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Mother's Milk

Why do humans feel ok about drinking milk from some animals, but not all? Why not drink cat or dog milk? Why be horrified about drinking milk from another human? We are a very strange & complicated species...

A mother's milk, whatever mammal, is intended for her offspring. It contains everything her baby needs to grow & develop - the perfect nutrients needed until her offspring is ready to be weaned. A cow is far bigger than any human, so for us to be including it in our diet seems crazy to me - won't it mean that we have the potential to become as big as a cow? Is that why kids are growing so much quicker? And taller? Apparently, kids are hitting puberty earlier now than ever & the cause is not only milk, but all the other stuff that's in it. Women also seem to be hitting the menopause early too - I remember being told at school that the normal age range was 51 to 55, but how often are women becoming menopausal  in their early 40s? No mammal needs milk beyond infancy, so why do we do it? Because we are told that we should consume it to maintain healthy teeth & bones, so why do so many milk drinkers end up with osteoporosis?

I wonder if there are many adults out there who have never had dairy & if so, do they enjoy better health?

All 3 of our kidlets breastfed & they all stopped of their own accord at around 12 months old. After having 2 daughters who slept soundly through the night from just a few weeks - Hugo was quite a shock, he fed more & was always hungry at night & several times during the night he would need feeding. Our health visitor told me that he needed to be bottle fed & my milk wasn't good enough... Luckily, I got a second opinion & a more supportive health visitor on a helpline told me that I needed to increase my carbohydrates, especially in the evening & always have supper - it worked, my milk was flowing & Hugo was more satisfied. Such a simple solution. It makes me think about how many mums were & still are ill advised. Sal was born in hospital & I was given the choice to breast or bottle feed, but in my mind bottle feeding seemed so unnatural. On a ward of about 16 mums, I was in the minority - most of them were repulsed by breastfeeding, isn't that sad? We even had a female friend, who never wanted children & asked me not to feed in front of her. She thought it was disgusting, so if we were at her house - I had to go to the bathroom to breastfeed!

We were foolishly led to believe that our girls needed cow's milk to grow & be healthy. Rose hated it & we were hassled by our health visitor to persevere, so we would disguise the milk in various dishes & then we discovered that she would drink cocoa. We already had lots of grief from the health centre staff because we were vegetarian & they constantly warned us that we were probably damaging our childrens' health. By the time Hugo came along, Sime & I were vegan & it was obvious once we started weaning him, that he had a milk intolerance. Again, we were advised to continue with cow's milk, even though he was really sick every time... So from then on until he was three, Hugo was vegan & wow - didn't we get some stick again... But we proved them all wrong - he developed quite normally, has always remained in good health & has never seen a doctor. He chose from 3 years old to eat dairy now & again, he still does today - even though he is fully aware of the damage it does. Of course, Hugo is young & invincible (so he thinks), but I believe one day he will wake up, as will the girls - who were both vegan during their teens.

Humans do not need milk from any other creature & any health care professional who says we do - doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. Yes dairy products are high in calcium, but they are also high in fat & animal protein.  
The body goes through a constant struggle trying to neutralise the acids in animal protein (in meat as well as milk), in doing so - it strips calcium from the bones to do the job.
This is why so many people suffer from indigestion & the more meat & milk consumed, the more calcium deficient a person becomes... 

The majority of people just don't realise what they are doing to themselves. I think we're all conditioned to believe animal milk is good for us, but in reality folks are continuing to get sick. Osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, obesity, arthritis & diabetes are all linked to a high consumption of animal protein. Doesn't this suggest that we're being lied to? Why? 

Anyway, thank goodness there is another way...
Eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, whole grains, sea vegetables, beans, chickpeas, tofu & blackstrap molasses. They may not contain as much calcium as dairy, but the body doesn't need to fight plant food as it's not high in acid. It's easily absorbed, especially if the body is getting enough Vitamin D.

For those of you who would like to hear more - this guy explains things a bit better than me...

Being mindful about what we eat & drink, in my opinion makes us better people.
We are reducing our impact on the planet & continue to take small steps towards a more compassionate life. 

Kay :)

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