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It's Complicated

We were going to be having a New Year holiday with the kidlets...
All of us are saving, but Sal has a new job in Bristol & she can't get time off over the Christmas/New Year period, so it looks like it will have to be during February half term next year.
The new plan is for the rest of us to go up to Bristol over New Year for a few days, so we'll see what happens...

We are really upset with ourselves, as we've been so busy that we've forgotten not only several friends' birthdays, but also Grandad Gerry's (Sime's Dad) birthday too... All within the last couple of weeks, we can't believe it! So we need to make amends & hopefully will find gifts in Truro tomorrow, though our time is limited - we're running the home education group until 3pm & have to be at our local transition meeting at 7.30pm. Then we have 3 full days of work... 
It's all systems go, as usual!   

I can't ever remember being so busy at this time of year... Though I do remember the aches & pains we endure at the start of each holiday season. Saturday night, we both felt like we could barely walk... Just absurd craziness, not helped by the fact that on Thursday, one of our regular local customers made us work harder than ever... Has anyone else ever cleaned a floor with a small sponge & oven cleaning paste? Well, that was me on Thursday - on my hands & knees for over an hour, removing scuff marks from kitchen & conservatory floors!

Anyway, enough moaning... Here's some family photies.

Rose & Asa's holiday pot.

 Rose & Asa came to visit on Sunday... 
Flea was happy to see his big sis!

Sal & Ryan's old flat in Penryn on moving out day.
Sime drove the van & it was all hands on deck - Asa (with Rose's help) did most of the stacking of stuff in the van, which made the job easier at the other end...

This is looking down the road from where they live now...

Not far from the Clifton Suspension Bridge...

And with this view from their kitchen...

Happy city buddies!

Sal sent us some photos of how they are getting on & I noticed this on her kitchen cupboard...
Sal & Ryan studied for a degree in photography & we had an opportunity to go into the studio for a photo shoot, this must be 4 or 5 years ago & as you can see, Nan was as loopy as the rest of us!
We have lots of great photos from that day... Somewhere in the house!

Fam 5's last supper... 
Not really, but it does feel strange little Salla being so far away!

Hugo is still circusing...
 And travels everywhere with juggling balls, clubs & hoops on his back!

Slow Sundays are getting quite productive...
I am the proud owner of 10 crocheted squares so far!

Last night, Asa's parents came for dinner & we will get a photo of them by the end of the week!
They live upcountry & regularly visit Cornwall, so it's always lovely to catch up.

We ate Baked Asparagus & Butter Bean Pate with homemade bread, salad, olives & sauerkraut, Brown Lentil & Vegetable Lobby (stew) & Orange Polenta Cake, topped with carob icing - will post some photos soon.

After dropping Hugo off at the train station this morning, we had about 20 minutes to spare before going to work. 
Today has been really mild, so we called at Charlestown.

Just one tall ship & a very tame dove...

A lovely start to our day & we managed a quick walk around the harbour.
(Can't tell you how many photos we have with me closing my eyes)!

Open now though!

Thanks again for all your comments, we love reading them & the emails too... 
I promise to do some foodie posts very soon & apologise to those of you who have asked!

If any of you are on FB, please check out our page. I do post some quick recipes on there, as we've been told if we want to get our B&B out there... We've got to post something daily, so I'm trying to keep up with that, while replying to emails, etc.

We were contacted by Channel 4 last week... 
Wanting us to take part in a show about B&Bs - sounds dreadful, so we've turned them down. Reading between the lines, it seems that they are getting "quirky" people taking part & setting it up for them to be made fun of... It's not for us, besides - we don't have a TV, let alone want to be on it!

Hope you're all having a good week.

Love Kay (& Sime - who shall be returning from band practice any minute now)


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