Natural Light

Low Impact Living

We may not have taken part in the last No Impact Week, but we continue to live as simply as we can.
Now there are only 3 of us in the house, our rubbish & recycling has gone down & we only put it out once a fortnight. The water is heated with oil & is on much less now - 45 minutes twice daily, which gives us more than enough hot water. We haven't put the oil heating on yet & hope to get through this Winter without it!
We have our open fire, still haven't got around to buying a wood burner & have thought now that maybe we won't bother here - we'll see.
We're using eco logs on the fire, which we have bartered for in return for some cleaning & use hot water bottles & the kitties to keep us warm if we want to settle in the dining room for the evening.
This Winter we hope to really get full use of our freezer & stock it up with plenty of home made food. We still buy from The Granary, our local wholefood wholesaler, so rarely set foot in a supermarket & our organic veg boxes are delivered each week. We have 2 large compost bins on the go which produce fantastic compost & next year we will definitely be cutting down on our work, so will try to grow more of our own food.

Sime & I have been members of our local transition group since it started up 3 years ago & at last...

Our community has it's turbines...

Ella first put up notices for locals to get together & make our area greener & wind turbines were our first goal...
Click here to see them in action!

It's two years since we held a film night to show...

The Age Of Stupid.

And to think back then how lots of folks were opposed to wind turbines...
Now everyone seems happy & wants to invest in them!
We hope now that the success will have a positive effect on our transition group & that the 8 of us will soon grow to many more...

  Sime's getting better & the sun is shining!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Kay & Sime xx


Nic said…
Sounds like a lovely existence to me - I can't wait til we have our own house and have some kind of fire; whether open fire or wood burning stove :)
Kath said…
OOh I couldnt live in a house without an open fire.
You sound as if you're doing wonderfully well, with your low impact lives. As my son would say "Respect!"
Karin said…
Sounds like you have a much lower impact lifestyle than most of us.

However, how do you clean your loo? Do you scrape your limescale, too?
Thank you Nic - we would love a wood burning stove, they are much more efficient than open fires & you can warm food & a kettle on it!

Kath - We love our fire too! Thank you.

Karin - Thank you. We would like to do better, if it was our own place we'd not have oil & we'd have compost loos... We've used Bio D loo cleaner for years, their products always come up top with Ethical Consumer & 2 of our 3 loos are dual flush. We used to do the 'only flush when necessary' bit, but it's really hard work to keep the loos clean & not very pleasant!

Kay :)
Anonymous said…
Your life sounds wonderful.
Thanks Mel - it's not everyone's cup of tea, but we're happy!

Kay :)