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Life As We Know It

Apologies for yesterday's post...
For those of you who don't know Sime - he is a silly billy & you really shouldn't take much notice of anything he says!

Anyway, here's some photos of the last few days...

Gorran Haven
The beach was packed today - didn't look much like fun to us...

A very chilled out Floobs...
(He's Sime's baby boy)

Our new garden friend...
We call him Froggy the Toad!

And Waspy the Bee!

Sime's home made chilli & turmeric rice.
We use turmeric a lot - it has fantastic medicinal properties...
It inhibits the growth of cancer cells, protects the liver from toxins, can dissolve gallstones, lower cholesterol, alleviate joint swellings, increase joint flexibility & reduce menstrual pain.   

Leftover chilli, rice & salad with baked sweet potatoes & courgettes.
We bake the potatoes dry & sprinkled the courgettes with smoked paprika & soy sauce.

The view from work yesterday afternoon...
A dull, but humid day!

A similar view today from another property just further around the bay.
 The boat in the foreground is pulling 2 people in a dinghy at great speed!

A rainbow at the weekend - just for us...

And us at home tonight!

We've just watched a lovely French film called The Grocer's Son, which has made us want to go to France again...

But for now - we have more fun packed days ahead.
Cleaning houses in hot weather - not nice, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that this weekend's departures leave the cottages a bit tidier than last week... Haha!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kay & Sime


Scarlet said…
Fabulous photos. Thanks for the info about turmeric. I have some in the cupboard so I'll use it the next time I cook rice. We had chili for tea today - I made a huge panful so we may well be having it tomorrow aswell. I always think it's better on the second day.
Molly said…
Aw, that picture of Floobs! The cuteness!!

You both eat so well and that rainbow is gorgeous. So lovely over the water!
Catherine said…
Haha ~ I love kitty totally relaxed and chillin! Too cute!
Have a good weekend you two!
xo Catherine
Kath said…
Not many people have a view like that from their workplace!
Jane and Chris said…
I want chilli now!
Jane x
Hi Scarlet, We always make lots & either have it the day after or put some in the freezer & we agree, always tastes better the next day!

Onions cooked in a little water & a sprinkle of turmeric are delicious - they make a lovely accompaniment to vegan burgers!

Kay :)
Thanks Molly - we do eat well & love it!

Floobs is very popular with our guests, as he loves lots of fuss!

Kay :)
Thanks Catherine - he's adorable & loves being cradled in Sime's arms!

Hope you have a good weekend too.

Kay :)
Hi Kath - I know & we never take it for granted!

Kay :)
Hi Jane - What's the magic word?

Kay :)