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Happy Songs

Inspired by a show on the radio...

Think of 3 very different songs that make you feel good.

Here are KT's:

And mine:

Does anyone else have feel good music ideas?
3 very different songs that you would turn up if you heard it on the radio.

Bye for now,



Kath said…
Oh definitely "Walking on sunshine" Katrina and the waves.
"I love your smile" by Shanice and "Lovely day" Bill Withers.

These songs make me smile just thinking about them!!
dreamer said…
Ooo so many to choose from!!!

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

The Stranglers - No More Heroes

Free - Wishining Well

Tomorrow it could be three completely different songs :)
Playing Hooky said…
I've told Husband that I want "Gimme Dat Ding" (by the Pipkins, I think) played at my funeral, without any advance warning. I can't wait to see the looks on peoples' faces when that start blaring out.

ps - can't possibly think of only three songs so haven't commented properly. Sorry.

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