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Bumper Crop

One day soon , we'll have time to do so much more...
Like do a post about Shugborough Hall, think about the No Impact experiment, finish off our living room, make the house look presentable, have friends round for meals & grow things...

This is our one & only vegetable this year - grown accidentally from our own compost!

It had fallen from the plant when we arrived home from work & it was delicious!

We are now off out to St Ives to see Mark Thomas - looking forward to it, but we'll suffer for it tomorrow...
We'll be running the teens home ed group & will no doubt be a bit tired!

Nevermind, it's all good fun!

Kay :)


Gotta start somewhere :) Stay well!
Catherine said…
I love the smell of a fresh tomato!!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
Did you share or eat it all yourself?
We shared of course! :)

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