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World Vegan Day

We've had the vegan month of food & today it's the start of world vegan month - so more excuses to be sharing yet more vegan food, recipes & stories...

And on Saturday November 17th, we will have a stall at the Free Vegan Food Fair at City Hall in Truro.
The fair is open from 11am until 3pm, so come along if you can.

We are enjoying having the house to ourselves...
No guests in at the moment, which explains the tip!

Hugo's away too, so no-one to keep an eye on us either...
We will catch up properly very soon.

Kay & Sime


Happy World Vegan day! (I didn't know such a thing existed until now!)
Kath said…
Who knows what frolics and mischief will be going on there at Meadowcroft!
Unknown said…
Enjoy your Vegan celebrations!

Sft x
Amy said…
You two are adorable and if I ever get over there I'm staying at your b&b. Thanks for the Vegan MOFo posts.
Sooz - there may possibly be a vegan event in your area this month...

Kath - that's just a normal day!

Sft - Thank you!

Amy - hello & thank you!

Kay :)