Love and Laughter



The joys of tiny home living.

Our furry friends sneakily end up in places we'd prefer them not to be, which is mainly the bed or the kitchen table. The trouble is they just don't care what we say and they know that if they persevere - we will end up giving in!

We do make allowances for our old chap, Floobs (Flea) and how can we treat young Tiky differently? So they both get away with doing whatever they want, though it is a relief at the moment that they have both moved on from sleeping on the bed, which caused us to have a few disturbed nights with Floobs desperately trying to sleep between us or on Sime's pillow and Tiky on our feet... Both purring loudly! They are now going through a kitchen phase and leave us to sleep solidly, which we are very thankful for.

We are also grateful that they continue to be fine with each other and we can leave them in together when we go off to work - They love the cabin as much as we do! 

When Lupe died last year, we never imagined that we would end up with another cat...but adopting Tiky has been a real pleasure, he is such a lovely boy and it's fun having a playful kitty around.

Happy Fur Ma and Pa!

Love Kay and Sime, Floobs and Tiky xxxx