Let The Sunshine In


As we ventured out yesterday, we were thinking how surreal the world has become when people are colour co-ordinating face masks with their clothes (no doubt this has been a thing for a while - just not in our little world!) - it’s quite bizarre, especially when they look so glum; almost zombie-like, pushing trolleys around shops along to the awful versions of festive music being churning out all day.

We choose not to wear masks, we don’t use nasty soaps or wash our hands any more than usual, we hug our family and friends...even those visiting from other areas and guess what? We are all fine! We don’t personally know anyone who has caught the lurgy, but have heard of people who have had it and the deaths we have heard of have all been elderly with other health issues. We take full responsibility for our own health and if we do by chance get sick - then of course, we will happily isolate ourselves, but we believe we will remain well.

I remember reading an interview with the Swedish Prime Minister, who said there is no evidence that people can be asymptomatic and maybe he is right. Surely we should stop terrifying everyone and concentrate on those who are ill, rather than continuing to prevent healthy people from going about their business.

If we all switched off the news, would the virus get worse or fizzle out? It’s difficult to know just how much is propaganda and how much is true, when all media these days seems to be funded by billionaires wanting a mouth piece to push their own agendas...Even the good old BBC! Stay away from it all or at least look into other news sources too to get a balance.

Anyway, we prefer not to waste our energy on all this negativity and tend to spend time with others who feel the same way. We are not anti anything, just happy for everyone to do whatever they feel the need to do. When you don’t have a TV or tap into mainstream media, the world takes on a different narrative. We have no idea what rules and regulations are being rolled out and have no desire to find out. If they are really important then I’m sure each household would have received them in writing, so until we do – we continue to live in our usual way...with kindness and consideration to others.

It seems a lot of spiritual people think we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. Apparently, we are at the end of a very rocky road and as we move into the light come December 21st - things will start to improve and life as we know it will drastically change. The global corruption we are hearing more of will cease and at last - peace and harmony will prevail...Now that would be nice!!!

Maybe if we collectively focus on positivity and flip the many negative mindsets, we can work together to make this world a better place.

It’s definitely worth a try, isn’t it?

Happy Sunday!

Lots of love, Kay (and Sime) xx


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