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Revolving Door

We have had an incredibly crazy week, full of mixed emotions - good times & very sad times...
Hugo's birthday was great fun & although he'd gone off on Friday to join in celebrating his friend's birthday & vowed to be returning with 4 friends on Saturday - he actually turned up with 9! 
 Luckily, we are laid back & it just meant making extra food. He didn't want to do anything in particular, just hang out... So we fed them chilli, rice & cornbread, they went off to the beach & got a camp fire going, but soon returned - as it was so cold!

Some of the loveliest young people you could wish to meet!

Rose & Asa joined us too - which was great!

Although some of them were up until 6am & we did hear them now & again - we would enjoy having them over again! 
A couple of them didn't want to leave, which was sweet - so may be a summer get-together will be on the cards... 

Hugo's a big fan of Victoria Sponge Cake, so I made a vegan, no added fat version...
But did put vegan margarine in the icing, as apple purée with icing sugar doesn't quite work the same. 

We needed 14 pieces, so I was elected to do the slicing...

Next morning, we were up early after very little sleep, but doggie needed walking & for the first time this year, we found an icy puddle on the top lane...

A rare sight around here.

The last couple of months have seen so much rain... 
All the fields are very flooded.

We walked down to the waterfall.

Now for the sad news...
Beautiful old boy Barney on Sunday started trying to attack the kitties, after 2 days of not being interested - he suddenly became very aware & wanted to kill them!
Flea had been living & quivering in our airing cupboard since his arrival, a real surprise for such a dominant character - we truly thought that both cats would put Barney straight, let him know they are in charge... But no, they have continued to be petrified. We've used a stair gate & they have lived upstairs, but come Sunday - Barney decided to attempt to smash through the gate, Sime managed to stop him, though he continued to have a go... By Monday night, we were exhausted with it & the kitties were suffering (Flea had refused to eat or move for 2 days). Barney was freaked out with even just the smell of the cats, kept stopping Lupe from entering the house through the cat flap & it became more obvious to us that it would take a long time for them all to get on - if at all.
Flea's condition was causing Sime a lot of distress & late Monday night we had a long discussion about what we should do... We could continue segregating them all for goodness knows how long & hope that Flea would eventually calm down & eat or Barney would have to leave... I wanted to persevere, but Sime was so concerned about the kitties that we all eventually agreed that he should return to the rescue centre.

It has felt like a bereavement... 
After talking to the centre staff, dropping him off & returning home - we, especially Sime have gone through a period of feeling terribly guilty. 
We failed that poor chap & he desperately needed our help.

We really wished that things could have worked out.
Barney loves beaches & the freedom he had with us. 
We just hope that a lovely situation comes along for him soon, preferably without any cats & he gets to enjoy his golden years with companions who will give him the love & affection he deserves.

Another little stray who's been visiting for a while, was put off by Barney - but has returned tonight.
He (or she) comes & eats whatever food is left by F & L, he's suddenly become more confident & has even befriended Lupe, though Flea is still wary.

We decided last week to join Jane's view from my window at The Maple Syrup Mob.
This is the view from one of our dining room windows & amazingly, our window looks pretty clean...
The leaves in the foreground are from our Calla Lilies, which are coming up early this year. 
The house is on a small lane & was the village farm many moons ago, there are 3 barns across which were transformed into luxury Mediterranean-style houses just before we moved here.  
In the distance, is Dodman (aka Deadman) Point - a peninsula of National Trust coastline.

Watergate Bay with doggie earlier in the week.
Although we've moped around for the last couple of days & are feeling really bad, I have had a call from my GP & my monthly thyroid blood test has come back normal again - I knew it would! 

Just got to continue with our slower pace & once we know Barney's ok - we can relax.

Hope you're all well.

Kay :)


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