Natural Light


We had a really good time last night. 
Not only because we saw the ukulele orchestra...

But we also got to spend time with lovely friends too...

Margaret, looking radiant & Patrick - who's equally radiant!

This one was supposed to be of Sheila... Instead it's my lap!
 Sime's having a few teething problems with the new camera - he can't get used to not using a viewfinder!

The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain...
They were brilliant & very funny too!

The highlight of the evening for Sime was on arrival we walked past Dave Gilmore from Pink Floyd.
He is on holiday & has attended the festival a few times - apparently... 
Sime was like an excited little boy jumping up & down as Dave walked past us, Sheila & I didn't have a clue who he was & neither were we that impressed once he explained. 
We also saw Ralph McTell, who's famous for the song "Streets Of London", but who cares? 
They're just people like the rest of us!

We were working in Mevagissey earlier, so had breakfast at our favourite cafe & on our walk back to the house - we stopped off to have a look in the little church - which was open for a change!

We do love old buildings & this has parts dating back to the 12th century.

It's been a good day.
Work wasn't too bad, we've eaten really well & managed to watch a film...

Happy bunnies again!

Night, night.

Kay & Sime xx


Anonymous said…
It sounds like all is well in your world. Have a great weekend.
How fun! A uke concert! My son just got one as a gift and he LOVES it. Sounds like a fun night, take care ;)
Karin said…
Glad you had such a good time
Catherine said…
I hope you two are having a terrific weekend!
xo Catherine
Thanks everyone, We've had a great weekend... Tiring, but really good!

Kay :)
Playing Hooky said…
OK, maybe I can explain a little. When God gets bored or old and retires, it is Dave Gilmour who will take over.
Bet you're impressed now, huh?
Hi Cathy! Shows how much I know... Sime's just told me that I spelt his name wrong!

Kay :)