Natural Light


Our friend Sheila watched this film recently & posted about it on FB, it reminded me of my reaction when I saw it too... 
It's incredibly difficult to watch, but I feel it's important to understand what goes on in our world. 

I hope you will see it, let us know what you think & if any of you would like information about becoming vegan - we'll do our very best to help!

Kay (& Sime)


Jane and Chris said…
Anyone is also welcome to use my yrs of experience also.
Jane xxx
Fran said…
Well done on posting this, I'm afraid I can't watch it as it would upset me too much, but I am already converted. I hope it goes some way to spreading the word xxx
Thank you Jane & Fran!

Kay :)
Anonymous said…
I watched a little bit of this when it first came out. So upsetting. It's a great movie, though, and has really opened up a lot of people's eyes.
Hi Molly - I remember watching a film made by the Animal Liberation Front at college, back in the early 80s & it had a massive effect on me. This film has been having the same effect on people, which is fantastic. If it helps folks to connect all the dots - then we are happy about that!

Kay :)