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Vacances d'été

On holiday with our vegan friend... Jack!

We're on our way home & haven't had any internet access. 
We've had a great few days away, which started with a fab day in Glastonbury, where we met our lovely blog friend, Kath from Hillside House, along with her equally lovely Husband & her beautiful doggies.

Back to work tomorrow, but hope to post photos soon...

Hope you're all having a good week!

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
There are a lot of nutrients in corn, rye, barley and malt! :-D
Molly said…
Jack looks like a fun friend! lol

Glad to hear you're having a good time. :)
Leanne said…
Kaths fabm isnt she?? :-) and the dogs are gorgeous! glad you had a lovely visit!

Leanne x
Karin said…
Glad you enjoyed your break. Hope it's set you up for this long working week. ;-)
just Gai said…
I wondered where you'd been. Welcome back.
That's good - we've already drank over half a bottle!

Kay :)
He is fun, especially when Sime does the pouring!

We had a lovely time - thanks Molly!

Kay :)
Thanks Leanne - they are all lovely & we're very happy that we've met them!

Kay :)
Thanks Karin - it was just what we needed!

Kay :)