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Vegan Brunch

Yesterday was our first Saturday off in a long time, so what better way to celebrate than with a late brunch...

Home made toast covered with baked beans, baked tomatoes, mushrooms & tofu scramble.

For this scramble, we fried red onions & garlic in a little water & soy sauce. Then added half a teaspoon each of turmeric & cumin, about 150g firm tofu & a handful of rocket.
We finished off by whizzing it with our hand blender & added some black pepper.

We also like adding smoked paprika & fresh parsley to the tofu, leftover potatoes & mushrooms are delicious with it too!

We're off up to Stoke now & when we get back I'll be sharing some dessert recipes.

Tonight we're eating at a pub next to the hotel - Sime phoned ahead & spoke to the chef, so we shall see what he comes up with...

Have a lovely Sunday!

Kay & Sime


Anonymous said…
I love weekend brunches! Beans & toast is something I haven't had for quite a while. It's so good, too. I was putting mashed black beans & salsa on toast for breakfast for quite some time. :)
Kath said…
OOh loving that scramble. I have some tofu the freezer, I could have that for lunch tomorrow :-P
x said…
That looks like an awesome brekkie - yum!