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3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Their Diets - Dr. John McDougall

We've been debating what John McDougall is saying in this video about salt & sugar...

I agree that if helps a person to stay on track, then salt & sugar are ok in moderation, but Sime thinks he should be talking about the alternatives, because iodised table salt & white sugar are really not good at all.

We use sea salt sparingly & did buy a bag of  Breton Marais natural sea salt last time we were in Brittany, which is great in bread. We occasionally use organic dark sugars or maple syrup in baking, but mainly stick to medjool dates these days.

We have found since cutting out oil that our taste buds have improved, so we don't need to use much in the way of seasoning & definitely feel better for it!

Kay xx


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Love Kay and Sime xx

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