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Best Start To The Day

We have shared many a pot of porridge with family, friends & guests...

We eat it every day throughout the year & look forward to our bowlful each morning!
Sime is the champion porridge maker & he spends time simmering the pot to perfection...
Oats, chia seeds, rose hips, hemp powder, sesame seeds, ground pumpkin & flax seeds, sliced banana & apple (sometimes puréed apple), nutmeg, ginger, blueberries & water - occasionally we have molasses in it & at the table we add cinnamon, as well as sometimes a little sugar free jam or maple syrup (we have the real Canadian stuff - thanks to our Canadian friends)!  

Early start today, as lots to do... 
Bebe's returning from respite & we've not really achieved everything we wanted to do & the house is in chaos - surprise, surprise!!!

Nevermind - we'll get on top of everything one day!

Bye for now,

Kay & Sime